About Us

Our Beliefs

It Takes A Village believes that poverty, health, inequality and food insecurity are all interconnected. We feel these issues often impact or perpetuate more visible issues such as homelessness. Our organization was born out of the apparent need to ensure all community members are seen, heard, included and supported and to celebrate and learn from the journeys of very human experiences, such as poverty, addiction, unsheltered/ homelessness and social determinants of health. As a team, our focus is to lessen the stigma and polarization that separates neighbors and work toward community organization that fosters self sufficiency and builds stronger, healthier environments. We walk together.

Our History

It Takes A Village had its’ humble beginnings in 2017, when Janny Pape, Andrea Charest and a team of other community members decided to try and create a space, for one month in August, that would assist people to navigate the huge financial burden of getting kids their much needed back to school items. After the one month trial, it was clear that people needed support and the community needed It Takes A Village. Since then, our story has seen us move to two other locations in Listowel, develop strong community partnerships and create platforms for community members to share their lived experiences and stories. And the story has really just begun.


It Takes A Village leads communities in the application of social justice, so that all people should have equal access to health, wellbeing, opportunity and privilege, regardless of circumstance.


We envision a community where empathy and compassion are the lenses by which we view the path of another and a place where all people have a voice. It is our vision that the social, health and financial concerns that create polarization in communities will be understood and respected and, in doing this, outcomes like homelessness, poverty and food insecurity will lessen.


It Takes A Village embraces the fundamental values of self determination, autonomy, meeting people where they are at in life and supporting community members to advocate for themselves. Our mandate is to foster respect and approach each opportunity with dignity.

Our Board of Directors

Andrea Charest

Executive Director

Jeni Hudson


Barbara Cressman



Julie Eisler

Currently Unavailable


Our Supporters

The community members and local businesses that make all we do possible.

Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate

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