148 Main St. W Listowel, Ont 519-418-4651 listowelittakesavillage@gmail.com

Community; for the people and of the people.

It Takes A Village is a not for profit social organization that leads communities in the application of social justice, so that all people have equal access to dignity, health, wellbeing and opportunity, regardless of circumstance.

About Us

Our Beliefs

It Takes A Village navigates and advocates with the mandate that all community members are seen, heard, included and supported and to celebrate and learn from the journeys of lived experiences. We believe that the connection of poverty, health, community and access to food impacts more visible concerns such as homelessness and substance dependency. As a team, our focus is to lessen the stigma and polarization that separates neighbors and work toward community organization and education, that builds stronger, healthier environments. We walk together.


What we are up to here at The Village!

Interested in doing a fall food drive? Please consider It Takes A Village! We’d love to chat with you about working together! 519-418-4651

We love leftovers! Please keep us in mind! 519-418-4651 to arrange drop off

How You Can Help

Our work exists entirely on community donations. As an independent not for profit, financial support, food and much needed items like blankets, basic housewares, clothing, tents and hygiene items help us to help community members. Donations can be brought into the storefront, sent by mail or e-transferred to listowelittakesavillage@gmail.com

Live intentionally

The language we use and the lens in which we choose to see ourselves and others are so important in creating a fair and just world. Intentionality, in how we speak, how we share our abundance, how we remain silent or choose to advocate, has profound capacity to stimulate change. You have that power.

Become a Volunteer

It Takes A Village is made up of a team of approximately 30 volunteers, who generously give their time to the many important jobs that sail the ship! Overseeing the storefront, food pick ups, bike repairs and computer work are just some of the ways in which volunteers share themselves. If you are considering volunteering, please come in and chat with us!


What People Say

“As a nurse in our community I am so grateful for your work. I personally believe your work and support the village provides decreases ER visits. You have provided first aid kits, provided supplies to protect homeless against the elements, advocate and help those trying to figure out their prescriptions, assist in getting those vulnerable vaccinated and so much more. Our community has grown dramatically over the last few years. The toll of the pandemic has left no community unscathed. Everywhere there are people struggling with a multitude of challenges to keep a roof over heads, food on tables and the balance of their mental health. In my humble opinion your work helps protect our communities access to timely emergency services. Your patience and energy to help those struggling is inspiring. Unfortunately these are issues that are not disappearing in the foreseeable future. Your work matters. Thank You”. S, Listowel.

“I grew up in an EXTREMELY abusive home. It was horrific. When I was 14 to 16, off and on, I was on my own. I was homeless. Here is what I know…it wasn’t my fault. I was not a drug addict, I was not a rebel. I was an unwanted, unloved, uncared about kid. 14 years old and I was on the street…and I remember being always hungry, and cold, and dirty, and scared. I had nobody. There was nothing like the Village to help me. I was on my own. People judge. They always will because they have never been on the other side. Please don’t ever give up…because you matter, and what you are doing matters. We need more people like you, not less. I am part of this community, even though I am a transplant. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to see this place and what it does.” R, Listowel.